2012: Are you Slacking Already?


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Here’s wishing you a very Happy & Prosperous New Year!

Now, let me ask: “Are you feeling ready to tackle 2012… OR are you already beginning to put things off?”

If you’re already beginning to slack off, then I’m just here to remind you to “STOP THAT!”. It’s essential to make sure you start this month in a Powerful and Positive way!

It’s 2012 and I’ve been up since 4:30am on a Sunday morning. Why?
Because I’ve been tweaking and upgrading the TAGRe site. I’ll fully admit that for the last few days, I’ve really, really not felt like doing it. But now that I have, I feel great again (thanks again to the 3 Steps To Mental Clarity process!), just by taking action and doing what needed to be done. Tiny steps, re-training “success” to make it a new habit…

The question is: “Would YOU go the Extra Mile to get things done?”.

Yes, I was up ridiculously early. Like any other single parent, they’d tell you that sometimes you really need to MAKE TIME, otherwise there just isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done. And so, I was up… on a Sunday morning, rather than having a lazy lie in, because I’m aiming to make a difference this year. So… if you DON’T have kids, you really have NO EXCUSE to begin putting in the foundations for a better year! …And if you DO then, I’m sorry, you’ll just get up and struggle earlier! :P

Think of this month as a time to begin sowing the seeds. It’s a critical time because what you do right now will have a huge impact later on. So, if you’re finding you’re sowing the seeds of “putting things off” right now, well… What can you expect later? You already know that if you take the time to attend to things now, then you’ll also reduce the potential “overwhelm” later. It’s really just a choice…

Like many people, I know January is going to sting. I usually become more like Scrooge after Christmas! However, this year, I’m aiming to turn things round. While the TAGRe site has been burning a hole in my wallet for the last few years, I’ve now managed to gain enough Mental Clarity to actually put a workable plan into action. And, even better than that, I’m aiming to focus a lot more on “Mutual Benefits” this year, and ways that I can help you (while helping myself). Details to come… Build suspense… What could I possibly mean? :D

This year, I’m looking to enjoy the Journey to Success. Along the way, I’d like to remind people that Success is something we can do “together”. If I’ve learned anything from 2011 then, I think what really “worked” was when people came together to overcome challenges and rebuild their lives and communities. I don’t think I need remind anyone about some of the eventful events of the last year! Personally, I think it’s enough to take the Positive Learning and move forward with a better Vision for the future!

Think & Grow Rich MP3 Download
MP3 Download Only. Image used for illustrative purposes.

With this in mind, I like to let you know, I’ve been getting quite a lot of requests from people who would like to promote the downloadable MP3 on the site. So, I’m now creating my first ever Affiliate Program (stay tuned – coming soon!). The price increase is just so that other people can benefit and get a commission by telling people about it. I really should have done this years ago – I just didn’t have the guts or the Mental Clarity to do it! Yes, I was really scared to do this before (worrying about what “They” would say), but I’m facing my Fears now and doing it anyway! Better late than never, I guess…

If you’d like to download the MP3s at the ridiculously low price (about 50% regular price), then just visit either the Listen section on the site (or the shop):

(offer expires Sunday 15 Jan 2012)

Yes – I am aiming to turn things round this year. My sights are pretty low at the moment – simply covering the maintenance costs of the site would be great! I’ll aim higher when the foundations are in place! One step at a time… “Slowly, Slowly, Catchy Monkey!” ;-)

Anyway, I hope you’ve had a nice Sunday morning lie in. If you have, then it’s okay. No need to feel guilty about it – it was something you were doing, and it is okay to enjoy it! When you feel ready, then just remember “Go The Extra Mile” and aim to make a real difference to your year!

I sincerely hope your 2012 will be one filled with Peace, Love, Light and Prosperity!


Editor, Think-and-Grow-Rich-eBook.com

PS: Now… Go and DO something Positive and Productive. Even if it is something “small”. Remember to really enjoy doing it, knowing that it makes some difference to your Life!

PPS: Here’s the MP3 link again if you’re feeling pro-active (rather than putting things off!). Do it now, while you remember! http://www.seektoclarify.com/blog-post/2012-MP3-Offer/
(offer expires Sunday 15 Jan 2012)

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