Benefactor Membership


[ben-uh-fak-ter, ben-uh-fak-]
1.a person who confers a benefit; kindly helper.
2.a person who makes a bequest or endowment, as to an institution.

Take a moment to feel good about yourself because you’re about to do something good!

As a Think & Grow Rich eBook Benefactor Member, I’ll be rewarding your contribution in the following ways. As well as the basic feature of being able to gain access to the latest version of this sites eBook, as well as receiving our (optional) Newsletter, you’ll also get:

  • Major Discount Coupons
    Up to 30% discounts on all items in the TAGRe shop. (Yes, there are more products coming soon! Keep checking our Newsletter for details).
  • First For Offers
    As a Benefactor Member, you can be sure that any promotions (for Training or products) will always be offered first to the people who’ve helped me out. If there’s limited stock, then you’ll get to jump the queue!
  • Extended Dashboard
    Benefactor Members also benefit from being able to see the latest blog posts quickly and get site updates alerting you to What’s New.
  • Priority Support
    If you have problems or issues relating to the site (or just need help), you can feel secure that help will be with you quicker than being a Guest Member!

More To Come!

As you may have noticed, this site is continuously changing, growing and improving. As a Benefactor Member, in the future, you’ll have access to:

  • Benefactor Members Newsletters
    From time to time, Benefactor Members will receive exclusive Newsletter content, including larger discounts on offers and additional tips.
  • Forum Membership Discount
    There are plans for an exclusive TAGRe Members Only Forum in the pipeline! As a Benefactor member, you’ll be given a discount on the Forum membership price.
  • Members Only content
    Over time, articles and blog posts will become restricted. Become a Benefactor Member to ensure you don’t miss out!
  • Members Archives content
    As the site continues to grow, older articles will be archived and will only be accessible to Members.

Why has the Benefactor Membership been created?

The TAGRe Benefactor Membership is essentially a “Donation” made by kind folk to help cover the maintenance and running costs of this site.

Yes… weird, I know, things don’t just auto-magically appear on the internet.  There are actually costs associated to running a site! Who’d've thunk it? :)

In the past, a donation was “suggested”. If there’s a lesson that I’ve learned and that I would share with you is that: Donations do not work.

Real world proof of this:

  • This site has been running over 3 years.
  • There are over 20,000 subscribers to the TAGRe newsletters.
  • Over 250 people visit the site per day.
  • There are donate buttons on every page.
  • Number of donations made to date? 19.

You may be surprised by this fact… but Napoleon Hill actually knew the real value of “free” and even mentioned it in “Think & Grow Rich”:

“One of the strange things about human beings is that
they value only that which has a price.”

(Napoleon Hill, Think & Grow Rich, p78)

It’s funny really. If I’d come to understand this principle in “Think and Grow Rich” 3 years ago, how different would things be now? So, the creation of this new Benefactor members area is partly a demonstration of how to understand and apply the principles taught by Mr Hill.

That’s right… You’re actually seeing “Think & Grow Rich” in action right here, folks!

I’m on a journey, just like you, and you’ll get more of these little gems when You become a Benefactor Member!

The Law Of Reciprocity: Helping You To Help Yourself

By creating this exclusive Benefactor Membership area, I’m actually doing you a favour. If you now understand what Napoleon Hill meant, then you’ll realise that I’m actually helping YOU to commit to your journey.

To put it another way: “If you had a cheap no-brand sound system worth $2, would you care much if it got damaged? Probably not. You could easily get it replaced, right?

But what if you had a $20,000 piece of audio equipment? Would you value it a lot more and look after it? [place answer to rhethorical  question here]”

So, up until now, I’ve actually been doing thousand of people a “disservice”. Simply giving away a free copy of “Think & Grow Rich” actually means that people don’t Commit to discovering the secrets contained within. Freebies have a psychologically negative impact on your Commitment.

The Benefactor Membership has been designed to empower Members who understand these principles and want to commit to creating their own enriched life!

Commitment To Action

If you get the feeling that I’m purposely trying to put some people off and don’t want them to become a Benefactor Member, then: “You’d be quite right”.

I’m filtering. Purposely filtering.

My aim is to create a unique Membership area filled with pro-active and committed people that actually want to discover how to create positive change in the world. Does that sound like YOU?

As you probably are aware, this site aims to go beyond Think & Grow Rich. If I’m personally committed to making a positive difference in the world then I’d like to be certain that I’ll be helping to empower the right people – the type of person who can truly benefit from wisdom  from this site, it’s Newsletters and also (in future), the Forum.

It is my hope that, as a Benefactor Member, You are also committed to making positive actions and will join me in the journey to create a richer life for yourself and for those around you…

Membership Refund Policy

Firstly, please do not sign up as a Benefactor Member if you really don’t have any intention of using the site properly. I’m doing my best to filter out anyone who doesn’t understand “The Law Of Reciprocity” and that this membership level is to Help Others in the future.

If you get that joining is more like “A Donation with Mutual Benefits”, then you probably wouldn’t ask for a refund!

If, during your stay, you have an issue try then just contact me to see if together we can resolve the problem. There’s usually another issue underlying. Even if you don’t like what the Benefactor Membership has to offer, I would appreciate the feedback. This is simply because my aim is to constantly make things better! (I’m not a mind-reader – if you don’t tell me, I won’t know!).

However, because I’m actually a Nice Guy – in the event that you *really* need to scrape back a few dollars, then you will receive a refund minus the duration of your Membership. (example, if you have been a member for 2 months, then the refund would be: $12 minus 2 months = $10). It’s a usage cost thing, rounded up to the nearest month.

Okay… now we have that all cleared up, get busy and sign-up NOW!

Remember: the more you can help me out, the more I can help other people out and so, together, we can spread a message that people can positively change the World!

“Think & Grow Rich eBook”
Benefactor Membership

Only $1 per month*
($12 annual membership)

*We will not automatically re-bill you. I personally believe people should be responsible for buying only what they need.
Debt is our common enemy! Together we can fight and defeat it…

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