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Thank you for your interest in our version of “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. Here are a few features that we believe make our version of this eBook the number one choice among the numerous versions that are freely available on the Internet.

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  • Hyperlinked Table Of Contents
    This version has a new Table of Contents that is hyperlinked so that you can now click and go directly to the chapter that interests you. This makes using our PDF version easier for you to quickly navigate through the work and find what you need.
  • PDF Bookmarks
    Like the Hyperlinked Table of Content, we spent time generating PDF “bookmarks” to enable you to jump quickly to sections and chapters. 

    No need to scroll through several hundred pages trying to hunt down what you wanted to find – just use the PDF bookmarks, find what you wanted and CLICK!

  • Italicised
    It took us several revisions to ensure that the version of “Think and Grow Rich” that we have created for you contained the correct italics to maintain the emphasis that Napoleon Hill originally intended in this work. Sourced from several different versions, we spent many hours carefully comparing each sentence, paragraph and page so that we could make sure this edition would not be mis-interpreted. 

    If you compare this version to many other available PDFs, I’m sure you’ll agree that this finer point has been missed by the majority of other editions that can be found on the Internet.

  • OCR Corrections
    Unlike other free PDF eBook versions of “Think and Grow Rich”, we also took great time and effort to correct the frequent issues caused by OCR (Optical Character Recognition) that scanned versions of this work suffer from.

    Characters and words that were previously illegible in other versions, have now been restored and proofed to ensure your reading pleasure.

  • eBook Cover
    As you may have noticed, we also took the time to create a visually appealing cover for our version of “Think and Grow Rich”. Inspired by an original cover, the new revised artwork which we created is simply our way of demonstrating our commitment to excellence. After all, we want to provide YOU with the best version of this eBook and to show you that a simple idea can be transformed into rich, quality content.

We hope you enjoy this edition of “Think and Grow Rich”. We are certain that our time and effort re-creating this exceptional work has not been wasted. It would give us immense satisfaction to know that we have managed to turn our love for this classic book into something that can now be easily shared across the world.

Please feel free to recommend our downloadable edition to your loved ones, friends, colleagues and community by sending them to this site.

Kind Regards,

Chief Editor