Power Of The Master Mind: A Real World Example


Christmas time… a time for Caring, a time for Sharing, a time for Hope and a little Christmas magic!

In my post “The Gift Of Clarity: A Three Step Guide” (and free eBook), I mentioned that I am now in a new Master Mind. Today, I’ll be showing you the magic that’s created from putting the Master Mind in action! I’ll be telling you about my Master Mind partner Sasha Stephens and the great news is, if you’re new to the idea of making money online, Sasha’s has created a new opportunity that may be to help YOU begin your journey to financial rewards!

This post demonstrates how mutual benefits can bring about personal rewards, while aiming to help and create a better world! No, it’s not an easy task… but it is possible! :D It is intended to be a tool to introduce new ideas and concepts for the Beginner. If you’re “Advanced”, I hope this post may serve as a “reminder” to look for those mutual benefits, in all aspects of your Life!

So, who is Sasha Stephens?

The Effortless Sleep Method by Sasha Stephens [aff]
If you have chronic insomnia, Check out The Effortless Sleep Method (aff)

Sasha is a Sleep Therapist, author and creator of The Effortless Sleep Method [aff] – a powerful technique that has helped cure thousands of chronic insomnia sufferers. Read her testimonials and you’ll know how much people value and appreciate Sasha’s work!

Sasha is an excellent example of how someone has Learned from Adversity, and is now using her experience on her journey to financial success! She is the embodiment of “how take an idea” and, through “taking action”, she’s now creating a rewarding reality. It’s a principle taught in Think & Grow Rich!

Using the Power of the Master Mind, Sasha would like to achieve her goal: “To help even more people overcome chronic insomnia without prescribed medication”. Most chronic insomnia sufferers do not realise that there is a natural alternative for chronic insomnia [aff].

Today, I hope to help her reach those people, simply by sharing her passion. In return Sasha will be allowing me access to her “Specialised Knowledge” of how to create an excellent and profitable eBook.

What you are witnessing is a real world example of Master Mind principle in action!

Beginners Guide to Affiliate Opportunities

You’ll notice that I’ve mentioned Sasha’s site a few times. The links that contain [aff] at the end are special “Affiliate” links (as described in my Disclosure Policy). If you were to click on a link and buy Sasha’s Effortless Sleep Method [aff], I would earn a commission.

Now, these Affiliate opportunities exist in a lot of places. You probably just weren’t aware of them or of how easy it was to use them! Even Amazon has them (called “Associates”)… although I’d suggest you compare their commission rates to the ones you’d find on smaller sites like Effortless Sleep!

If you became an Effortless Sleep Affiliate, YOU could be earning a 30% commission ($23.70) for helping share Sasha’s site with others.

And doing it is much simpler than you think! ;)

Best of all – It’s Completely FREE to become an Affiliate!

3 Simple Steps To An “Effortless” Opportunity

So, here’s how you can do this for Yourself (again, I like 3 Simple Steps!):

  1. Click this link and Sign Up as an Affiliate on the Effortless Sleep website.
    Sign-up as an Effortless Sleep Affiliate
    Step 1: Click to view
    Note: you will need a PayPal account!
  2. Log In and Copy Your “Special Link”.
  3. Tell People You Know About It.
    Paste your special link in an email, on your Facebook page, on your own website (if you have one), in a forum (if allowed), or why not just Tweet it?

“Yes”, it really is that easy!

Remember: Any one who clicks on your link and buys the product will earn You a 30% commission on a $79 download product (or $23.70 for YOU!) and on the $97 shipped version (or $29.10 for YOU!).

Copy Your Special Effortless Sleep Affiliate Link
Step 2: Click to view

Think about it – if you only managed to recommend the download version to 1 person a month, you’d still be looking at $284.40 for a year. If 2 people bought the Effortless Sleep Method per month, using your special link, then you’re looking at $568.80.

Really, it all comes down to if you take action. The opportunity is there, if you want to make use of it!

Update: Apparently, Sasha has now had confirmation from PayPal that she is now allowed to run a 2 Tier Affiliate Program. This means, if YOU recommend a Friend, then when your Friend makes a sale they will earn their standard 30% commission AND You will earn an additional 15% commission from their sale, just for recommending them! How’s that for the spirit of “sharing”? (Yes, our Master Mind does care about YOU!)

Please check the Effortless Sleep website for more details.

What You Can Expect: Banner Ads and Creatives

Effortless Sleep Affiliate Banner Ads
Click to view

Once you’re signed up as an Effortless Sleep Method Affiliate, you can log in and click on the “Ads” link (see image on the left).

In this section, Sasha has some banner adverts, as well as, pre-written material that you can use for your website (if you already have one!). You can use the written copy to get ideas about what to write about chronic insomnia.

You can see an example of this below:

Effortless Sleep Method - sample advert [affiliate link]
Sample Advert from Effortless Sleep

Effortless Opportunity (or Just An Example)?

If you’re new to making money online and has now sparked an interest, you now have a choice:

  1. You could see this blog post as an “interesting example of the Master Mind in action”
  2. Alternatively, you can now seize the opportunity, take action, and begin you on Your journey to financial rewards!

The choice is YOURS!

If you’re a seasoned Affiliate Marketer, why not check out Sasha’s Effortless Sleep chronic insomnia treatment site [aff]? Any constructive feedback about how to improve this program is always appreciated.

Obviously, if you know lots of chronic insomnia sufferers, then this is a perfect opportunity for you. Personally, I don’t… but I do know some people read my blog!

If you’ve properly understood this post, then you’ll now realise that the real magic comes when people work together! Not only will you benefit, Sasha and I both benefit… but also remember the people who discover Sasha’s method will really be the biggest winners. This is really what the Master Mind is all about!

Now, that a lovely and warm, Christmasy feeling you have…? That’s the magic created through “Sharing and caring”!

Enjoy! ;)

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